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Is your computer running slow? It is imperative to not assume that the increase in your computers ‘glitchy’ behavior is is just old hardware. Virus detection is not always as simple as running an antivirus software. Many people would be surprised to learn how many types of security-breaching infections in which your computer and servers may be susceptible.

Boot Virus

Companion Viruses

Direct Action Viruses

Directory Virus

Encrypted Viruses

FAT Virus

File Infectors

Logic Bombs

Macro Virus

Multipartite Viruses

Network Virus

Nonresident Viruses

Overwrite Viruses

Polymorphic Virus

Resident Viruses

Spacefiller (Cavity) Viruses

Sparse Infectors

Stealth Viruses Trojan or Trojan Horses


 Give us a call at (916) 390-6581 and have the professionals at Sacramento Copiers ensure that all of your computers and servers are virus free and functioning properly. One virus removal service call could save you thousands in the prevention of the loss of digital intellectual material, confidential digital representation, and even years of lost emails.

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